Suspended Access Systems Limited Established in 1987

Fixed Access Solutions

​We can offer our clients a wide range of bespoke fixed access solutions to meet all of their requirements. Our range includes the following;

Fixed Access Ladders & Steps

Fixed access ladders are installed and inspected in conjunction with BS4211. We supply, install, alter and inspect fixed access ladders & steps that are bespoke to the customers requirements. 

Hand Railing 

​There are two main types of hand railing that we install and maintain; fixed and counter weighted.   These systems allow personnel to move freely within the guarded area, where there would otherwise be a risk of falling from height, without the necessity of prior training or the use of a safety harness. 

Due to the many different sizes and shapes of roofs we encounter, we have a wide variety of systems that can be tailored to fit the clients needs. 


​​Gantries and walkways are a crucial element to the cleaning and maintenance of buildings that have sloped or curved glass facades.  These systems have to be specially designed to fulfil their specific role and to ensure they are unobtrusive and best fitting for their surroundings.

We also provide a number of different finishes to the product to ensure that they blend in to the design and architectural style of the building.  These systems are also provided with bespoke fall arrest systems as per requirement to ensure there is adequate protection for any user of the system