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September 2022


Due to the recent publication of BS 8437:2022, all fall protection systems are now required to have specific documentation be made available on site by the duty holder to both end users and the designated inspection/testing company.

Documentation to be kept on site

It is recommended the following documentation should be kept on site:

An equipment log (or other suitable record) which lists all the equipment on site and which gives equipment identification numbers with cross reference to batch or individual test certificates, or certificates of conformity and safe working load, where appropriate;
Information about the use and care of any chemicals that may be used on site;
Records of interim and detailed inspections;
A risk assessment and safety method statement including typical work details and standard practices (see 14.1.3); and
Personal records (see 15.2.5), or similar evidence of competence, to be carried by all persons who are undertaking work at height.

Where an installed anchor system is being used the following should be accessible on site:

The system technical file (see BS 7883:2019, 11.5.1);
The operation and maintenance (O&M) manual (see BS 7883:2019, 11.5.2); and
The examination scheme for inspection (see BS 7883:2019, 11.5.3)

The system technical file is a record of the design, installation and inspection and should be retained by the duty holder (e.g. building owner) for the design life of the anchor system.